Ethics and Value

In an office setting ethics relate to value. In fact, when you have an annual assessment you are informing your leadership of how you demonstrated proper ethics and generated growth in your company that year. Some companies even have rubrics that layout expectations for an employee at different levels, providing a structured way of viewing what is expected of you from your current and next progression.

That being said, and something I have previously not thought of is bringing that structure to a less formal setting to keep myself organized and motivated. If I want a job in the game industry I have to show value to that industry both through skill and ethics. The difficulty in this view is that every independent industry applies various levels of value throughout the structure. For example; a contractor might put little value in an employee's workflow, while being more specific on who/what that workflow is being applied to and if that skill generates additional long-term work. A company in the game industry can be the exact opposite, where a specific workflow is needed in order to hit tight deadlines while ability to generate work from multiple clients isn't necessarily needed at the lower levels. More value is placed upon speed, accuracy, and communication vs consulting. I've seen first hand examples of this through being rejected from an application for not having used a program within a specific workflow vs being rejected from advancement for not generating long-term work with a specific client.

Because of this I think it is important for those looking for a specific job to study the structure of that industry and create a roadmap that will show them progression towards their goal. If you can identify clear value to a company's culture as well as demonstrate proper skill, I feel you have a much stronger chance of success (though that can be easier said then done).

For me personally, I am someone who needs a challenge as well as a clear progression of how I can complete that challenge. If I don't structure myself in this way I fall into complacency and laziness.

Now, in terms of application I think there is some flexibility. I, for one, am someone who grows at a slow and steady pace. I have kids and a full time job, I put what time I can afford into my work but that is still limited by comparison to another who might dedicate all their time. This creates the realization that I am at a general disadvantage to someone who can dedicate all of their time into their work. On the reverse side, those who have the ability to dedicate all their time to growing their skill, I say keep doing so. Providing structure to ethics is just a way to enhance your competitive edge regardless of where your progression is.

Below are two examples: one example of game industry ethics and one of contracting ethics. I have also added an example of how to create your own roadmap of progression.

Insomniac Games Culture
  • Inclusion - Global Competition
  • Collaboration - Communication
  • Transparency - Company-wide recurrent update/ flexible organization structure
Booz Allen Hamilton Culture
  • Unflinching Courage - Speaking up to identify challenges
  • Passionate Service - Networking
  • Ferocious Integrity - Do not fear accountability
  • Collective Ingenuity - Create opportunities from challenges
  • Champion's Heart - Be persistent and build your own career