The ability to self-critique is a must have skill that I honestly haven't practiced too much. Most times I rely on others to find things I missed, which is fine if you've given your work a hard look first. I figured this would be a good time to start practicing. *Before I begin I want to share my personal insight into the process of drawing. If you would like to skip this part you can check out my critique below. So many times (character design, sculpting, and modeling classes) when trying to learn to draw I have been given an anatomy book and was instructed on proportion and measurements. I personally do not like this approach and feel it does not cover the entirety of what is needed to really practice successfully. It wasn't until I took a fine art drawing class at the Academy of Art that I really understood what drawing, in its entirety, was. When I was told to just draw I did just that, I mindlessly drew...which teaches nothing (believe me I learned nothing in 2 yea

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