Hello and Welcome,

My name is Chris Hott and I am an artist aspiring to work on games. I currently develop ELearning training for a government contractor while working on my Masters in Game Development at the Academy of Art. My goal at the moment is to get on a 3d game/simulation project either within government contracting or in a studio. I have made some progress in dedicating hours building assets towards a simulation for another team but have not been able to make it full time yet.

This page is dedicated to my growth. To show others that I am passionate about my field and am making progress in it. In addition, for my current midpoint preparation class, it will be a place to log my efforts and process towards my thesis.

Post #1: Creating Terrains in UE4 with World Machine
This was a practice in exporting splat maps from World Machine to UE4 and to test what level of control I could have over a terrain. The shot directly below is me playing with volumetric and atmospheric controls. The shot at the very bottom shows how I can create a 2d environment layout and shape the terrain around that layout. There are some additional advances I would like to make like using Houdini to create environments, and adding more life in general to an environment.